ATTENTION: Men & Women Over 40 Struggling With Sugar Addiction...

The BIG FOOD Conspiracy That Has Caused Your Weight Loss Efforts To Fail

And What You Must Do To Overcome Sugar Cravings And Food Addictions Once And For All

I’m going to show you the real reason why you’re addicted to sugar.

This shocking revelation guarantees to kill all those cravings — even if you’d been struggling with sugar for years.

If you’re like most people I’ve shown this surprising revelation to…

You might find what I’m about to say a little hard to believe.

But I stumbled upon a hidden loophole to eliminate addictive behaviour.

And not knowing this secret virtually guarantees you’ll be stuck in this vicious cycle forever. No matter how hard you try. Right here in this free body-saving presentation.

I’m going to show you the real reason why you’re addicted to sugar.

And the 1 simple technique that can help you look at that delicious chocolate cake and say…

“No. Not today!” Even Better…

You can
accomplish this with no diet, exercise and hardship.

My name is Cindy Corbin, and I have a shameful confession.

I used to be a sugar addict. ‘And I don’t think I’m alone.

Do you struggle with food and sugar as well?

Do you have problems with losing weight?

Me & my Sugar-Free Family

Do you grapple with the fact you keep on trying. Yet after 2 days of your best behaviour. You end up in the worst place.

You binge and end up in a terrible place.

Don’t you want the years of humiliation to end?

Well the first thing I can tell you is you’re in a safe place.

I’m the “breaker of chains” for those suffering from sugar and food addiction, and have melted away hundreds of thousands of pounds off my students in the last few years.

And I want to proclaim...

It’s time to be set free -- no matter how many times you have failed in the past. No matter how many times you look at the scale in alarm. No matter how many regrets you have.

That’s because I used to be a poster child for sugar addiction.
 And if I can do it, so can you.

Let me reveal my hidden years of shame.

A Younger Me and my Dad

It all started with my upbringing… “Cindy, some people are addicted to drinking, drugs and alcohol. I'm addicted to sugar. But unlike other forms of addiction, you can't just cut it out of your life.”

That was what my dad confessed.

He seemed embarrassed.

To his credit he wanted me to know, he didn't want to hide it. It was far better than sweeping things under the carpet.

Although well intentioned… He planted the seed of hopelessness in me.

Unfortunately at this point, I was unaware I was showing many of the same signs as him.

It started with small things. Like I couldn't help but pick up food in front of me. Even if I was already full… I still ate more.

And then at the age of 9, I started hiding wrappers of the food I ate. I honestly didn't even know why. I just felt like it wasn't normal to eat so much.

Then my story took a turning point for the worse.

When I was 18, I started working in a bakery. Now for those of you who have never worked in a bakery, a general rule of thumb is that you get to eat any damaged desserts. This is awesome for any teen trying to save money, but it spelt trouble for me.

I was eating everything. And I'm not talking one or two pieces of dessert here in there. 

I would eat a dozen cookies at a time, or nearly a whole pie at once. And I couldn't help it.

I was desperate to try to come up with a solution because I was putting on the pounds and I wasn't feeling great about myself.

So I started taking just one bite of the desert, and then throwing the rest into the trash. For sure this would help. But I was wrong. I knew it was still there.

And here’s the worst part…

My addiction got to the point where I would actually take the half eaten dessert out of the trash and finish it

I didn't know why I was doing this.

I was an educated young adult. None of my friends were doing this. None of my family was doing this.

Why could I not stop myself from thinking about the stupid dessert in the trash?


And why on earth could I not stop myself from actually taking out of the trash to eat it?

And then it hit me. I was addicted to sugar just like my dad at 18.

I refuse to believe that this is what my life was going to be now.

And even though I feel terrible and lethargic at the end of it. Even though I felt ashamed.

Even though I had this sinking feeling of letting down the loved ones by my compulsive behaviour… 

I will still proceed to have that one more slice… One more scoop… One more bite. 

It was certainly never enough.

And maybe you can identify… Or maybe it's not as bad but you still want a change.

Well here’s the good news among all the bleakness.

It’s not your fault.

You heard that right.


It’s NOT because you don’t have the willpower.


It’s NOT because you’re a terrible person.


It’s NOT because you’re an overweight slob and you just don’t care.

In fact, you DO care. You DO want to do something about it.


You. Truly. Do.

However here’s the main issue.


There’s something larger at play.


It’s insidious… It’s terrible… It’s almost abhorrent…

I call it Addiction-Based Commerce.

As simple as ABC. 

Here’s the diabolical premise. 

The more someone is addicted to something, the more of said addictive substance they will buy.

In other words, repeat customers mean repeat business.

Sugar consumption & Obesity keeps 

rising in the United States

That’s how drugs is a billion dollar enterprise… Or tobacco… Or alcohol…

Studies have shown 20% of its heaviest users fund 80% of their profits. 

So guess what? The food industry took notice.

And they started embracing ABC for themselves. And business EXPLODED.

They found out when they added sugar to anything, it triggers the same thing as drugs. The dopamine receptors.

These foods are so hard to resist, because they're rewarding, they taste so good. And when you consume these foods, your brain reward center activates, and it releases the chemical dopamine. You really like it.

And here’s what happens next. You need more of these foods to get the same kick out of them.

Your brain is now basically hardwired to seek and want these foods, but you're building up a tolerance to them.

So you eat more. Basically you’re becoming a sugar junkie.

Here’s something even more insane.

Drugs like marijuana, alcohol and cigarettes are all controlled substances. You need to be of a certain age. There’s checks and balances -- however surface they are.

However there’s no control when it comes to sugar. You can liberally sell it anywhere.

And this is where it gets destructive. Because here’s the thing…

The brain has an area called the prefrontal cortex.

This area was responsible for your cognitive control, it controls behaviors in the world. It's also the last part of your brain to mature. It doesn't actually fully mature until you're in your 20s.

And this means when we think about all these people who are developing obesity. 

Because of their environment, they're finding it really hard to resist these temptations at a young age, because the brain isn't yet fully functioning.

In other words, ABC gets your kids addicted to that stuff.

No wonder obesity levels are going up.

We’re living in a world of sugar addicts!

But wait… Don’t despair. You could be saying… 

“If I’m trapped in a cycle of addiction, what’s the point?”

Well, let me tell you there’s a way out.

In fact, it’s easy.

You don’t need to be on a painful exercise regiment, or be part of a diet program. However..

With what I’m about to show you. There’s hope. You could be set free of that sugar addiction forever.

And it's all because of an accidental meeting involving dropping phones in toilets and honest strangers.

Let me tell you the story.

5 years back on a sunny August, I was at a personal development conference. One of those ra-ra life-changing kinds.

While the trainers were pumped up… The crowd was all engaged… People seem to be getting breakthroughs left and right…

I certainly didn’t feel that way. 

All the words seem so hollow.

While there was a lot hanging on my frame, I felt so small inside.

I felt I didn’t deserve happiness. I felt I was a bad person.

Of course, what did I do at the first sign of shame? 

I went to the dessert table, of course.

I had my “appetisers” of copious amounts of roast lamb and pasta. But I was next to the chocolate fountain dipping various other things in.

Dunking marshmallows.. Brownies… Even apples to create an illusion of health.

In my anxiety, wanted to feel normal.

I then wanted to check Facebook to aimlessly stroll through my wall. Since no one wanted to talk to me.

It was then realise I didn’t have my phone. I then dashed to the loo where I was earlier.

And I saw a middle-aged lady with a glint in her eye holding my phone, and she asked…

“Is this yours?” I nodded in relief. And we started talking. After all, in these conference you get to meet all kinds of interesting people.

After a while…

I realised she was my answer to my weight loss and sugar addiction prayers!

This is her sordid tale.

Dr. Knowles was a food scientist at one of the big food companies.

Initially, she thought it was a sweet gig. (No pun intended) Quarterly bonuses… Her own company car… Her healthcare covered as long as she was under employment.

Yet it wasn’t enough. Because when she sneaked a peek under the hood.. 

She was horrified by what she witnessed.

For instance…

There are only 10 companies that own the entire world's food brands. And they all use a similar formula of added sugar to increase sales.

Here’s the horrible formula...

The more you crash the more you eat. So when you eat sugar, you might immediately feel a rush of energy.

The reality is an hour or two later, if you pay attention, you'll likely feel zapped you might not be able to concentrate, you might want to take a nap or you might want to eat more sugar -- leading to more sales.

In addition, they hire an army of food scientists to test how adding sugar to different foods which don’t even require it so they can sell more.

All in the quest to make money.

"Blood sugar money", I call it.

As she shared these shocking revelations as we were talking in the corridor, I could feel my blood boil.

All these wasted years. All these shame -- for what?

And naturally she left, but not before finding out how to reverse all the damage that ABC has done to us.

There was another cheerleading session in the hall. But we instead opted to grab a coffee. 

Now this point of the story is the most important for you.

Because This is How You Fight Back!

Sweet Revenge instead!

Dr Knowles explained to me a revolutionary program that she created.

As a response to all that she was forced to witness.

And the dirty tricks she saw used by the corporations.

And its premise floored me. You see…

It takes science to create an addict.

It also takes science to redeem an addict!

Her program did exactly that.

And this may be the breakthrough you’d been waiting for

It changed my entire life!

Here’s how the program works. Ready for it?

Here’s the big secret.

You see… when people think of overcoming addiction, most people think of deprivation.

To remove an addiction, I need to lose myself of the substances.

Yet that’s really hard.

Here’s the thing. The brain needs those substances to feel normal.

Can you imagine the cold sweat? The shakes you get when you get off sugar the first time?

It’s the very reason you may have gotten off sugar for a couple of weeks and then boomeranged in a big way. Because here’s the thing…

To fight an addiction, you need replacement therapy.

That’s why cigarettes are replaced with vapes.

That’s why alcohol is replaced with fizzy drinks.

Even with drugs, people are sometimes more addicted to the needles than the drug itself.

Therefore, the key is to trick the body into going into the same pattern, albeit the substances are different. 

Your body will automatically adhere to the regiment and before you know it… You’ll start seeing stunning results.

How awesome is that?

You ATTRACT total freedom. 


So you replace sugar with a bunch of healthy, natural substances. Your brain still triggers the same pleasure receptors – maybe not as intense, but still good enough that you won’t fall off the wagon.

In a sense, your brain starts getting “addicted” to healthier stuff.

So you don’t break an addiction, you replace it with one that actually benefits the body that needs its constant supply of dopamine.

Dr. Knowles call it the Sweet Freedom Detox Program

So that’s when I stood up and became a woman of mission.

You see… Dr. Knowles was intensely studying a rinky-dink town – the Italian Village of Pioppi.

In the rustic south, the average lifespan was an insane 102-years-old. They didn’t have the dreaded diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Their secret? 

They only had desserts ONCE a month!

How crazy is that. Can you picture only having sugary pastries as a treat once in 30 days? How different will our health turn out.

In other words, they were free of the addiction that plagues us.  

There were secrets of the Pioppi that Dr. Knowles then cascaded to her American patients. 

And folks were reporting amazing results. Results like:

I was like… you can’t just do this here. Not in such a small scale.

An entire generation is going to hell in a handbasket because of ABC. We need to stop it.

You need to make it global.

This was when the Sweet Freedom Detox as a global movement was born. And now for the first time, in a convenient online format… Everyone across the world can get their hands on it and get their lives changed.


Sweet Freedom Detox

Giving You the Ultimate Scientifically-Proven System to Overcome Your Sugar Addiction Once and For All

*"Sweet Freedom" is a digital product and images are for visualization purposes only.

No longer will you helplessly hanker for those diabolical pumpkin pies.

No longer will the desire for those cafe delights wrap around you like an anaconda.  

No longer will you need to sneak out and have yet another chocolate cake.

Are you ready to break free? Are you ready to experience all the energy and confidence zapping you like a lightning rod?

Here’s what you get: 

PART 1: Prepare for Positive Change

This is when the groundwork begins, and when you learn some urgent truths. These include:

  • How I learn to stare down at that mouth-watering chocolate cookie and toss them into the bin -- without a single qualm.
  • Did you know when you cut down sugar, you cut down joint pain? The shocking reason here. 
  • You might be a sugar addict even WITHOUT eating a bar of chocolate. Do this eye-opening quiz.
  • Lollipops -- lead to a brain surgery? 5 brutal ways sugar makes you stupid.
  • A man in China excreted milky-white blood. Read this horror story of what happens when you over-consume sugar. 
  • “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.” This famous Snickers tagline aptly describes the way sugar adversely affect energy levels. Read up why. 
  • So you think processed food is cheaper? WRONG! Save up to USD9,879 a year from stopping the sugary products. 

Now, it’s time to take charge and seize control of your life.

Then, you’ll start reading the most life-changing part of the program.

PART 2: You’re Ready to Do This

You’re about to discover amazing secrets like...

  • What you must do to minimise “sugar pangs”, crippling headaches, and energy crashes -- without relapsing even before you barely begun!
  • The “Karaoke Approach” to let go of the lust for that delicious piece of chocolate cake
  • Auf Wiedersehen, Apple Strudel. Sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi and 5 other overlooked probiotics to combat the cravings.
  • The “Alternate Ending” mental switch that makes keeping you on track FAR, FAR easier.
  • If you want to lose weight, Don’t check the scale. And 3 other unorthodox strategies.
  • Breathe In the Boldness, Breath Out the Blueberry Pie: Simple holotropic breathing techniques to overcome the fear of missing out. 
  • 7 smart grocery strategies to create a sustainable lifestyle of stellar health and rock-solid discipline.

You can now live a normal life free of sugar addiction.

Feeling lighter and full of energy, like you were 20 years younger.

Look, for one session of addiction therapy… you would end up paying at least $100… not including your time and gas. 

And of course, that’s only for ONE session… Most of the time, the addiction therapist requires multiple sessions… sometimes even for months!

At $100 a piece… you could be looking at hundreds or even thousands of dollars… But I don’t want that for you…

Just for today, you’re getting a special launch price. And here’s the good news. It’s not even remotely what you’ll invest in.

Because wait, there’s more.


The Sweet Portion Control: The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Food Addiction

There’s a kissing cousin when it comes to sugar addiction --  And that’s FOOD ADDICTION.

That’s right. How much you eat is as important as what you put in.

After all, you can’t lose weight if you cut out all the sugars and have second and third helpings. 

 Yet, whenever you cut out sugar, the tendency is to eat more. After all, nature abhors a vacuum.

The Sweet Portion Control is a thoroughly-researched proven method on minimising the cravings of large portions.

This means you get the full effects of the Sweet Freedom Sugar Detox -- without cheating yourself of the gains.


The Sweet Energy Breakthrough: How To Regain the Energy of your Youth

One of the unfortunate byproducts of sugar addiction is that it creates erratic energy patterns. 

Don’t you remember the times where you can barely get out of bed and then you muster just enough energy for a few hours… And then it all comes crashing down in the afternoon?

You’re exhausted and your day is as good as gone. 

Now here’s the good news. 

Sweet Freedom Detox will eradicate a lot of these energy slumps once and for all.

However with the bonus The Sweet Energy Breakthrough… You’ll start enjoying a surge of energy as if you were a gazelle.

 With a few simple diet tweaks and these secret exercise, you’ll enjoy stratospheric heights of relentless pulsating strength not SEEN since your teenage years. 


The Freedom Juice: Strengthen Your Immunity System

Do you find yourself falling sick, or catching a cold easily? 

You aren’t alone. Today’s fast paced life and environment has influenced a “typical diet” that is highly unhealthy.

Years of consuming junk and processed food has weakened the body’s immunity system, resulting in the body's defenses becoming more aggressive in the long term.

The Freedom Juice is a series of tasty fruit and vegetable juice recipes that will help boost your immunity, backed by research from our qualified Sweet Freedom nutritionists.

Each recipe is delicious and jam-packed with anti-oxidants, essential nutrients, guaranteed to boost your immunity, so you get to live the most out of your life.

And because The Freedom Juice has natural plant-based ingredients, it helps to detoxify harmful toxins in your body, keeping your “Sacred Temple” clean for many more productive years to come.

How cool is that?

The more you’re reading this, the more excited you get. 

Just ask some of our previous clients about it.

Let me tell you why it probably wouldn’t cost as much as it should.

Back in 2013, I set a massive goal:

I dedicated myself to helping at least 100,000 men and women to break free of sugar addiction and be in 100% control

Since then, Dr. Knowles and I helped thousands of people in the Swiss suburbs to go through the Sugar Detox and enjoy unbelievable miracles. ...

And you can be one of them on an international level.

The bottom line: I decided that I absolutely need to let as many folks as possible join in this cause...

A cause I call:

The Sweet Freedom Fighter Movement!

The good news?

That means a much lower price for you because I don’t want “finances” to stop anyone!

So let’s add you to the cause... starting right now:

That means that today you will not be paying the retail value of Sugar Detox and the free gifts...

Not even close!

In fact, you’re only getting it at $9.

And because I’m so convinced it will work for you…

What I’m about to about to offer is something unprecedented. I call it:

More importantly.. Get unshackled from the bondage of food.. Start enjoying wearing new clothes as the pounds melt off. .

Soar and be free.

Draw a line in the sand, because now you’re experience the energy of your youth. In fact, you’re nearly bouncing off the walls.

And look back on Day 7… You’ll be dazzled by the results.

We look forward for YOU to join us and become a Sweet Freedom Fighter. Just like them -

So on the bad days that make you cry “if only…”

If you end up looking back…

Regretting your bad choices.

Beating yourself up because of course you could see it coming.

I gently urge you.

Please stop.

Because here’s the best news of all…

Sweet Freedom Detox redeems your past, while giving you a breathtaking future to look forward to!

These three incredible bonuses are exclusive to Sweet Freedom Detox. They are worth a total of $197, and we have sold hundreds of copies at that price.

But today, you'll get everything for just $9. No hidden charges, that's it. But this limited time offer can be taken away without notice.

Remember: it’s not just a great bargain you’re getting today...

You’ll be joining in on the biggest Sugar Detox movement in history...

You’ll be a part of an ever-growing soul family of Sweet Freedom Fighters…

All you need to do is click on the button.

Then fill in your details.

Let Sweet Freedom Detox make life worth living – NOW!

This is one of those watershed moments in your life. Three paths lie before you:

1) You Can Bury Your Head in the Sand

Look, let me level with you.

You’ll know deep down if you continue on the path you’re on… It will lead to a world of pain. I don’t mean to scare you, but diabetes, high blood pressure and all those nasty dreaded diseases are just lurking around the corner.

So if you were intent on making a change, why not plunge in now?

With the “Sweet Freedom” Guarantee, what do you have to lose?


2) You Can Try to Figure All This Out On Your Own


Just Google “detox” and you’ll get a FLOOD of information.

In fact, you could literally drown in all that conflicting advice.

And the sad thing is with Addiction-Based Commerce is it scientifically keeps you in bondage.

It’s like a ball of chain on your foot.

So you could be putting in your best effort and still come crashing down back into that vicious cycle of eating.

It’s specifically designed that way.

On the flip side… Why not embrace the Sweet Freedom principles and reverse the damage Big Food has wrought upon you? Get Sweet Freedom today.

This is where…

3) You Can FINALLY Take Control of Your Life!

Look… you’ve already experienced what humiliation feels like. The hidden wrappers... The shameful excursion to the ice-cream store.

You’ve been there… You somehow pulled through.

But, it’s time to try something different.

Now’s The Time To Say “YES” to Saying “NO…”

“YES” to saying “NO” to that piece of chocolate cake.

“YES” to saying “NO” to that scoop of mouthwatering ice-cream.

“YES” to saying “NO” to that vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting..

You can be temptation-proof and free… just by clicking on the bright orange button.

Go ahead and get started right now.

All you desire is just around the corner.

But, it can’t come into your life, until you’ve taken that first step for a brand new you.

Click below right now to join us on this new and exciting path.

All you have to do is click on the ADD TO CART button below to gain exclusive access and get started today.


It will take you to our secure reservation page, where you can overcome sugar addiction and melt away the weight in just 3 clicks.


This is only going to be offered for a limited time, so please don’t delay…

Click on the bright orange button below now.

Remember, this limited time offer can be taken away without notice.

I’ll see you on the other side.

Cindy Corbin


Below are some answers to common questions people have asked about Sweet Freedom.

So what is the Sweet Freedom Detox Program?

It is a sugar cleansing program that is founded on the advocacy that eliminating sugars from our diet (table sugar, artificial sugars, or added sugars) not only eliminates sugar cravings, but food cravings in general as well. We are also a community that aims to support each member achieve the common goal of clean, healthy living. After all, we only live once!

How does Sweet Freedom helps me to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle?

Most diseases (from benign to severe) today are caused by excessive consumption of sugar. Some examples include type-2 diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Thus, ridding off sugar, or consistently minimizing it will significantly improve your general health.

Sweet Freedom works by cutting off unhealthy sugars from your diet, such as artificial sugars, added-sugars, or table sugars that are commonly found in highly-processed sweets or pastries.

We totally understand how sugars induces a pleasurable sensation, similar to those addicted to illegal drugs, which explains the reason why it is so difficult to eliminate sugar entirely. Doing so leads to certain symptoms and intensified cravings.

For this reason - we formulated a scientifically proven, and human tested blueprint on how to counter the effects of sugar or food cravings through a psychological process called habit or behavior replacement. It works by inducing the same effects as when you’re consuming sugars but with healthy alternatives. 

Continuing with our program and repeating the process ensures permanent behavior and keeps food cravings from coming back.

How does it differ from other detox programs or diets?

Most diet or detox programs today fail because they are not sustainable in the long-term. After a short-term success in your diet, the old habits and cravings come back to haunt you, and most people go back to “weight cycling”, regaining their weight and bad eating habits all over again.

Sweet Freedom is unique because it also provide specific guidelines to permanently eliminate sugar once and for all through a psychological technique of habit replacement. We have successfully employed this technique with many of our Friends, and have a high 95% success rate of success.

We also offer a lifetime membership which gives you access to our large online community so that we can support each other. Our forum aims to help and inspire each member to reach a common goal. 

What is the duration of the program?

The first 2 weeks of the program is critical because it is at this moment that the effects of sugar withdrawal take its peak. However, the intensity of symptoms may vary from person-to-person depending on the amount of sugar you regularly take.

When you consistently follow our guidelines, sugar withdrawal may only last for 7 to 14 days. From there on, you’ll only need to maintain the diet onwards.

In case you backslide, you only have to repeat the process.

How long before I notice any changes?

As long as you adhere to the blueprint in the book, you will typically be able to manage sugar or food cravings after 7 to 14 days. Also, the symptoms of sugar withdrawal should be long gone at this point.
Sugar withdrawal symptoms include: intensified cravings, low blood sugar, fatigue, irritability, and headache.

Weight loss may depend on the amount of calories you’ve eliminated from your diet. For example, if the total calorie from sugars you’ve eliminated is 500 kcal, then you should be reducing at least one pound every week.

You may also notice a much lighter skin complexion after 1 month as a result of the program because studies have found that too much sugar is one of the causes of skin inflammation.

What if I’m not satisfied with the results?

The efficacy of our products are all based on scientific research and backed up by testimonials from our clients. But in case you’re not satisfied with the results, we offer a guaranteed money-back policy within 60 days of your purchase, no questions asked.

Is Sweet Freedom Detox recommended for me?

Sweet Freedom Detox is suitable for anyone who is unhappy with their current body and state of health. This program will also boost your confidence about yourself, as you look and feel better every day when you get out of the bed.

Who are not suitable for the program?

Sweet Freedom detox isn’t advisable for minors under the age of 18, pregnant women, or nursing mothers.

It may not also be recommended for individuals taking specific medications because it may affect its efficacy.

For more information about the effects of sugar detox, consult your local physician or licensed dietician.

Is it safe?

Practicing Sweet Freedom Detox is generally safe for short-term, long-term, or permanent use. The calories you’ll be eliminating during the program are from unhealthy sources such as added-sugars, artificial sugars, or table sugars.

Essentially, the program is still a well-balanced diet because it comprises of plant-based foods and proteins from beef, turkey, and fish.

What are the modes of payment?

You can use the following modes of payment to purchase our products: 

  • ClickBank
  • PayPal
  • Online banking – MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover Card
What is ClickBank?

Clickbank is an affiliate network that services online merchants and provides 100% secure payments to potential buyers. In simple terms, they act as the middleman in online transactions.

Is my personal information safe?

An online payment only goes through when approved under strict authorization process. This process ensures that the transaction is legitimate and personal informations are safe.

ClickBank is named in the top 100 of global retailers accredited by the Better Business Bureau. It is used by over 195 countries around the world and trusted by more than 200 million clients.

How many times will I be billed?

You’ll only be billed once. But we do we offer optional purchases to help you level up your experience with us.

Can I contact you if I have other questions?

Definitely. You can contact us at


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