Simple Stretches to Ease Back Pain

simple stretches to ease back pain

Our lumbar spine that’s located in the lower back has one of the critical functions in our body.

This organ interconnects the nerves, joints, bones, and muscle tissues that help us maintain our balance and flexibility.

It also supports the upper body weight that enables us to maintain mobility and movement. It is one of the responsible for making simple to complex movements possible—from walking to gymnastics.

However, this organ is also prone to injuries, especially as we progressively age. With this having said—having back pain or injury may definitely impact how we carry out our daily activities.

Lumbar problems are typically due to muscle and joint conditions—which are the hallmarks of arthritis.

Other cases involve inflammation, which may be due to the body’s way of healing from injury.

Mild back pain may become severe if not give proper attention. Thus, doing simple back stretches may do work and help you get back on track.

In this content, we’ll give you some of the simple stretches to ease back pain. At the end, we hope that you still practice them even after the pain is long gone. This is to reduce the risk of the pain from coming back.

So without further ado, let’s beging.

What are the possible causes of back pain?

Problems in the lumbar spine typically occur when the ligaments are tearing due to it being overstretched. (1)

The following are the common causes of back pain—

  • Poor posture
  • Injury obtained from contact sports
  • Activities that put pressure on the lumbar area—such as lifting heavy objects.

Simple stretches to ease back pain

Back pains usually last for only several days, but it will definitely impact your daily activities.

Some back pains are mild that can be managed through simple stretches.  In addition, incorporating these exercises into your daily routine even after the condition has healed may also provide several health benefits.

The back stretches are as follows—

Hamstring exercise

  • Start in a sitting position on the floor.
  • Straighten one leg while bending the other.
  • Move one leg by pivoting from the hip—continue this process until you feel that your thigh is stretching.
  • Maintain a straight posture for the entirety of the workout.
  • Continue the process in your other leg afterward.
  • Hold each position for ten seconds.

Cat-Camel lumbar exercise

  • Start by positioning yourself on all fours.
  • Place your hands under your shoulders with spaces between the knees and hands (width apart).
  • Tighten your abdomen, and arch your back in an upward motion—maintain this position for five seconds.
  • Afterward, release the position by slowly relaxing your lumbar area.
  • And then, do the same exercise the other. Instead of arching your stomach upwards, arch it towards the ground.
  • Also, maintain the pose for at least five seconds.
  • Make at least ten repetitions.

Child’s pose

  • Start by positioning yourself on all fours.
  • Stretch your arms forward while leaning your lumbar area in a backward motion.
  • Maintain your position for at least five seconds.
  • Make at least five repetitions.

Hip flexor

  • Start by kneeling on the floor.
  • Move your body in a forward motion.
  • And then, bend your knees forward and stretch.
  • Maintain your position for at least ten seconds.
  • Make at least five repetitions.

Spinal trunk rotation

  • Start by lying on the floor and face the ceiling.
  • And then, bend your knees.
  • Maintain a flat back during the duration of the workout.
  • Move your legs towards the floor while rotating your legs.
  • Continue the process until your legs feel stretched.
  • Repeat it with your other leg afterward.
  • Maintain each position for at least five seconds.
  • Make at least ten repetitions.

Final Words

I hope you find our simple stretches to ease back pain helpful.

Doing these simple stretches to alleviate pain from back pain is beneficial. But if you continue these exercises even long after your injury has healed may provide more health benefits.

Back pains would normally only last for a few days, but we advise that you seek professional help if the problem persists.

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