Sugar detox and essential oils


Once sugar craving hits, it is very difficult to manage them simply because they are deeply embedded into our nervous system. Processed sugar stimulates the production of a neurotransmitter called dopamine which in turn activates the area of the brain where the reward system is located. Once this region of the brain is triggered, it induces positive association to foods. When we consistently give in, the habit becomes hardwired and difficult to break. This same process is similar to the brain activities of people addicted to illegal substances.

With this being said, breaking free from sugar cravings requires neural rewiring. This is the main reason why performing a sugar detox is difficult and discomforting. Undergoing this cleansing program also means you have to endure withdrawal side effects attached to it. The symptoms of withdrawal affect both physical and mental aspects. However, its impact may also differ per individual. It means that withdrawal side effects to some may be mild while others experience adverse side effects.

Fortunately, there are available products that can help you get through this process and one of which is the use of essential oils. The aromatic features of essential oils help you calm your nerves when you begin to feel uneasy and stressful which is common during intense cravings.

However, note that not all essential oils are the same and contain varieties of beneficial and potential side effects. Thus, consult any nearby physical therapist to guide you on which one works best for your needs.

Best essential oils for eliminating cravings

Listed below are some of the best essential oils to battle your sugar cravings:


According to Dr. Alan Hirsch, the most effective essential oils when it comes to curbing your sugar cravings are peppermint and grapefruit. Dr. Hirsch is an American Psychiatrist and Neurologist specializing in the area of taste and odor impairment.

According to research, peppermint induces a feeling of fullness when inhaled. Its minty odor not only relieves you of your cravings but also helps you calm your nerves during high stressed situations.


Cinnamon essential oil is well-known for its spicy and pleasant aroma. In recent years, it also gained popularity as a weight-loss agent by helping an individual manage sugar cravings and blood sugar levels.

Adding them in beverage only requires one to two drops to your tea or herbal drinks. You may use them in diffusers or sniff them directly from the bottle.


Whether you’re using the oil form in diffusers or eating fresh grapefruit, it can help you combat symptoms of withdrawal caused by sugar detox.

Grapefruit and other citrus-scented essential oils are considered to be the best in terms of managing cravings in general. Similar to the effects of peppermint essential oil, it also induces feeling satiety when inhaled.

It also blends well with other citric essential oils like lemon and bergamot. Combining them with grapefruit essential oil improves mood by reducing cortisol levels.

When sugar cravings start to hit you, you may also try drinking water with grapefruit slices and it’ll surely curb those cravings. It’s also shown to counteract the effects of insulin resistance and metabolic disorders.


Essential oils made from eucalyptus have a distinctive aroma with a slightly similar minty scent of peppermint. This minty scent is an effective agent when you’re trying to manage your cravings and eventually suppressing your appetite. Eucalyptus is also classified as a hypoglycemiant. This compound is known to regulate blood sugar levels. As an inhalant, it promotes relaxation and eases stress and anxiety.


The primary symptoms of withdrawal caused by sugar detox are discomfort and uneasiness which leads to stress. The strong pleasant odors of essential oils are known to induce relaxation and serenity which is backed up by scientific research. Thus, using essential oils as inhalers or sniffing them right from the bottle is an effective way to counteract withdrawal symptoms.

However, the ingestion of essential oils may not be entirely safe. We recommend that you consult your doctor or any licensed dietician first before you use them for orally.

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