Is there a link between excess sugar and cardiovascular diseases?


All types of sugar are essentially carbohydrates that lead to weight gain and development of diseases when eaten in excess. The moment that you’ve gained weight and continuously consume high amounts of sugar, you’ll increase your risk of cardiovascular diseases comparing to people with a healthy weight. Thus, doing sugar detox even once in a while provides significant help not only in helping you lose weight but also preventing the development of coronary heart disease.

How Excess Sugar Influence Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Sugar, however, is not all bad because our body needs them to function properly. Carbohydrates are the body’s main energy source. It’s converted into glucose then further metabolized to synthesized pyruvate, which is the usable energy fuel form of glucose.

We have to remember that in a high-calorie diet, not all calories are utilized, and some of it is stored in the body until it’s needed. Unused glucose is stored in the liver and muscle tissues as glycogen. With the help of liver acids or through the hormone insulin, glycogen is then broken down into fatty acids. These compounds circulate through certain parts of the body then stored in the adipose tissue, also known as fat.

As mentioned, the body prioritizes the use of carbohydrates for energy over other sources. Fats are the body’s secondary source of energy. However, fats is stored in the abdominal section when unused. Thus, it causes weight gain if you continually eat high-calorie meals.

Managing Lifestyle to Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Even if you’re a healthy individual, you may still need to watch your sugar intake. This is because excess intake of sugar doesn’t always lead to weight gain, of which type-2 diabetes is still a risk.

Pairing your sugar detox with other diet programs is also an excellent idea to boosts your sugar cleansing goals. It doesn’t only lead to weight loss but also improves your overall wellbeing. Some advisable diet programs are the Atkins, Ketogenic, Paleo, Vegan, or Vegetarianism. Bright Line Eating is in some way, a sugar detox program that you may try out. It doesn’t only focus on eliminating sugar carvings but also calls for a lifestyle change to improve the quality of living.

You may, however, need to modify some diet plans because some foods in them are restricted in a sugar detox program. For example, pure raw honey is natural and included in a Paleo diet. The main goal of a sugar cleansing program is to eliminate sugar cravings, and no how healthy honey is—you might not be going to achieve your purpose if you include this food in your diet.


In all of this, we say that the most important factors in being healthy are by maintaining a well-balanced meal and an active lifestyle. Consuming calories are a crucial part of our daily diet because it is where we get both our mental and physical energy. But we have to remember that anything in excess can become problematic, thus take everything in a balanced context to prevent unwanted consequences.

A healthy diet also includes being mindful of what we eat. This means that we should be opting for fresh foods rather than highly-processed foods. Doing so, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other disorders.

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