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You know from my story that I had a really hard time with my confidence when I was overweight...

And a lot of that had to do with my relationship (or lack of relationship)... with MEN.

I was constantly never feeling good enough.

I kept telling myself if only I lost weight, I'd have my pick of any guy I want...

And I would imagine having a dashing, handsome gentleman who truly cared about me...

...who was over the moon in love with me.

I was in for a rude awakening.

First of all, YES... losing all my extra fat made me a lot more attractive to men.

I started turning heads, and started getting attention from more men than I ever expected.

But I quickly saw what was missing.

Very few of these men actually wanted to date me, let alone have a real relationship with me.

They wanted to flirt...

And plenty wanted no-strings-attached sex...

But I was still kept firmly outside the "relationship category."

A lot of these men were even married, and trying to have an affair without their wives noticing.

I felt so disgusted.

Did I lose all that weight just to be a "piece of ass" that no man took seriously?

I talked to Anthony Swailes again, and complained:

"It just isn't fair! It's like nothing I do works!"

He told me very kindly, "Cindy, believe it or not, men care about more than just looks."

My first reaction was, ouch!

Was he saying I had a bad personality, and that now looks were all I had, period?!

He quickly saw my reaction and said, "No, no, I didn't mean it like that...

"I'm talking about Feminine Confidence...

"Feminine Charisma...

"And Feminine Charm..."

He went on and explained that my whole life, I had been taught in one way or another, that I wasn't good enough.

And that millions of women get the same subconscious message...

From their parents, the media, past abusive relationships...

Once these limiting beliefs get deep into our subconscious... they become almost impossible to fix without hypnosis.

Luckily, I was talking to just the right guy.

Anthony started recording another set of subliminal audios... focused on helping me date better and attract the love of my life.

He explained,

"A woman's attractiveness comes down to three things.


I call them the Three C's:

✔ Confidence

✔ Charisma (or Likeability)

✔ Charm - The Ability to Create Intimacy and Connection"

So Anthony created one subliminal hypnosis track for each of the Three C's.

And he made sure to do this in a way so any woman could benefit from this, not just women with my situation.

After all, women come from all walks of life.  Anthony wanted to make sure this would work whether a woman was...

Shy or Introverted...

Socially Awkward or Naturally Charming...

Pretty or Homely...

Sensitive or Brash...

And Single or Married...

Anthony realized that there are a lot of women in relationships who are committed to keeping them...

And transforming them from the inside...

So he made sure that these audios would empower women to create the love they truly wanted...

Whether it was from finding someone new...

Or transforming their relationship or marriage into something exquisite, fulfilling, and wonderful.

I started listening to these subliminal audios right away...

And couldn't believe what happened next.

First of all, I started getting much better matches on the dating apps.

This is the one part I just can't explain.

I didn't change a thing on my profile!

But I started getting matches from good men, relationship-oriented men...

Who were caring, kind, handsome, and successful.

And it didn't just stop with online.

Whether I was at a coffee shop, out with friends, or just going about my daily business...

I found that men wanted to talk with me, and were interested in taking me out.

There still were some unpleasant guys who just wanted sex...

But I heard from them less...

And the men who truly valued me kept increasing.

Finally I found the most amazing man I could ever imagine.

His name is Peter and we've been dating for six months now.

He's everything I could ever want in a man, and I'm so thrilled and grateful that I met him.

And it was all because of using these audios.

Then I gave these tracks to my friend Jessica to listen to.

Jessica was married, but her relationship had just started getting old.

She and her husband weren't fighting a lot, but they weren't having any passion either. 

Jessica didn't know what to do and started considering getting couples therapy.

I said, "Jessica, that sounds great, but try this FIRST."

She was skeptical, but gave it a try.

Within just 10 days, things started changing.

Her husband, out of nowhere, said, "Hey, how come we don't do 'date night' anymore? I'm taking you to Pierro's Restaurant for Italian tomorrow."

She was shocked. Her husband became so much more affectionate, doting, and even more manly...

 seemingly overnight.

He went from passive to passionate... becoming more strong & masculine... and he wasn't even sure why!

He told her, "I don't know... you just got all sexy to me out of nowhere. I felt like I was dropping the ball and it was time to pick it up."

Since then, Jessica and her husband are in true marital bliss.

Great sex, beautiful intimacy, and it's like they got a second "honeymoon period" together.

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